Carole Shmurak has created a lovable and memorable character in Susan Lombardi.

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Death by Committee Blog

At her blog, Death by Committee, Carole reviews classic mysteries. See if you agree with her views and leave a comment.


Carole’s Amazon page has links to all her books (including the non-fiction Voices of Hope) and to the Kindle editions of her mysteries, as well as to recent blog posts and upcoming events.


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Recent Posts

October 15, 2014 |

Death at Hilliard High now an Audiobook

Death at Hilliard High now joins Deadmistress and Death by Committee as an audiobook, narrated by Barbara...

July 2, 2014 |

Death by Committee is now an audiobook too!

Death by Committee now joins Deadmistress as an audiobook, narrated by Barbara Benjamin-Creel, on Audible, Amazon...

April 22, 2014 |

Deadmistress is now available as an audiobook

The first of my Susan Lombardi mysteries, Deadmistress – about the murder of the headmistress of an elite...

February 4, 2014 |

Susan Lombardi is coming to audiobooks

We are currently having audiobooks made of the Susan Lombardi mysteries. Deadmistress will be out in March and...

April 25, 2012 |

Carole Releases New Book — Most Likely to Murder

What high school class has a thirty-two year reunion? A class whose president has left the country, whose vice president is dead, and whose treasurer is in the Witness Protection program — in fact, Professor Susan Lombardi’s class from Count Basie High School...

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