Carole Shmurak, Author of The Susan Lombardi Mysteries


“A page turner.”

— The Hartford Courant.

“This is a story about puzzles and people and that’s where it shines.”

— Kim Malo, Mystery Morgue.

“There is a continual twinkle in the author’s prose.”

— Steve Lewis, Mystery File.

“Humor and wit blend with the genre’s more sanguinary conventions.”

— Harvard University Colloquy.

Book Summary

The headmistress of an exclusive private school for girls has been found murdered in her office. When professor Susan Lombardi learns that her friend John is the prime suspect, she sets out to clear his name, but her research uncovers some troubling secrets about the school’s faculty and students. And soon it becomes clear that John is not the only one with a motive for murder.

Deadmistress was named a Notable Book of 2004 by Writers Notes MagazineWinners Banner (small)

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