Carole Shmurak, Author of The Susan Lombardi Mysteries

Death by Committee

“An entertaining and illuminating look into academic in-fighting at its most brutal.”

– Betty Webb, Mystery Scene Magazine.

“Death by Committee is relatively short but packs a lot of story into its 170 pages. The author gives readers a glimpse into the world of academe: the pettiness, the intrigue, the peculiarities.”

– Diana Vickery, The Cozy Library.

“The look into higher education is realistic and knowledgeable. This is a great cozy series that I highly recommend.”

– Kim Reis, Mystery Morgue.

“The writing is beautifully readable, smooth and evocative, without a wasted word.”

– Kim Malo,

Book Summary

Faculty squabbling at a large state university turns deadly when professor of education Susan Lombardi joins a committee to make a tenure decision about Abby Gillette, a controversial faculty member. After one colleague is hospitalized following a suspicious fire and another is found dead in Abby’s office, Susan must try to figure out who is doing what to whom… without becoming the next victim. At the same time, she must deal with her husband’s highly dysfunctional family and help a friend handle a questionable romance.

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