This group meets the second Thursday of every month, 7:00 p.m., in Board Room #1 at the Farmington Public Library. We read both classic and contemporary mysteries, and books are chosen by the members of the group. We have been meeting since 2001. (After August 2014, Carole will no longer be leading this group, though the group will continue to meet.)


Meetings for 2019:

January 10:  The Last Billable Hour (1989) by Susan Wolfe     

February 14:   Ratking (1988) by Michael Dibdin  

March 14:   The Gray Man (2009) by Mark Greaney

April 11:     Siren of the Waters (2008) by Michael Genelin

May 9:     The Woman Who Married a Bear (2005) by John Straley

June 13:   Magpie Murders (2018) by Anthony Horowitz  


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